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Strength and Conditioning
Personal Training | Small Group Training (All groups must be formed by the client)

Our programs are for the serious basketball player that will do that it takes to elevate their body to the next level. Our programs and assessments are going to be vastly different from 95% workouts you have done in the past. Get ready for serious improvements on the court!
If your goal is to ONLY lift heavy this is NOT the facility for you! The sport of life and basketball is 3 Dimensional, and therefore the what we largely do in training is also 3 dimensional.
Our programs are for players who want to move fluidly and effortlessly on the court. In a very short amount of time our players will see big improvements in:
1.) Vertical Jump Ability 
2.) Cutting and Agility 
3.) First Step Explosiveness
4.) Improvement in ability to take contact
Of course aesthetically you will look better as well, but our training curriculum and assessments are one of a kind, perfect to pair with basketball skill development in order to see the optimal results on the court! Watch your performance at your weekly runs skyrocket compared to everyone else's!

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