Hong Kong’s First Indoor
E-Cycling Training Center

Welcome to The Strive Cave

Enjoy riding bikes?

Training for a cycling race?

Looking for a new way to stay fit with friends?

Have your own bike and never use it?

Welcome to The Strive Cave, Hong Kong’s first Zwift powered indoor cycling training center.  

It's very flexible

It's very flexible

We have a combination of real road bikes for you to train on, or else you can bring your own bike and hook up to our state of the art equipment to train at your pace and on your schedule.

We are open from 4am until midnight every day, you can ride on your own schedule, socially with friends through our group event rides, or start a new training program and learn to ride with us.  

Whether you’re a seasoned rider, or a complete novice, come down to The Strive Cave and check out the new way to achieve your training goals in a safe and social way!

We offer:

We offer:

  • A range of 20” kids road bikes to XL sized bikes
  • State of the art indoor cycling smart trainers by Wahoo
  • Complimentary access to Zwift e-cycling software
  • Individual Apple TV entertainment stations with each bike set up
  • The ability for you to bring your own bike and set it up on our smart trainers
  • Bike storage 
  • 24h access to The Strive Cave
  • 2 hours of free parking at Cyberport parking garage
  • Showers, towels and changing facilities at The Strive Fitness gym


  • Can I bring my own bike?

    Of course you can!  Our Wahoo smart trainers are easy to set up with your own bike.  With easy access to the front doors of Cyberport Mall, and easy parking facilities, either drive or ride to The Strive Cave and do your training sessions on your own bike.  

  • Can I leave my bike here for easy training access?

    Yes you can!  We offer bike storage at The Strive Cave so you can easily get your training sessions done.  The Strive Cave at Cyberport is also a great location to start your long weekend rides.

  • I’ve never ridden a bike before, can I still come for a ride?

    Absolutely!  We created this cycling center to help grow the cycling community in Hong Kong and give access to people who either don’t have the time or money to do their own road or mountain biking.  We have a range of bikes to fit every shape and size, so all you have to do is come down and give it a try, we will set you up on the bike and with a Zwift account, and you can get started today.

  • What is Zwift?

    Zwift is the world’s leading indoor cycling training software.  By cycling with Zwift, you train, interact and in some cases even compete in a virtual world.  The Zwift software links up to our smart trainers and the bicycle fitted on the smart trainer, and once you are logged into Zwift, you can cycle freely throughout the many different courses on offer.  You can ride by yourself, or join an existing group, or join one of our many Strive Cave group rides.

  • I prefer riding outdoors, why should I come here?

    We completely get it, and if we had the choice, would be out on the roads as much as we could as well.  However in Hong Kong, we are hampered by the constraints of road safety, the need to ride obscenely early in the morning and of course, the ever unpredictable weather, so at The Strive Cave, we want to be your go-to for fun, safe and social riding whenever you please.

  • What shoes should I use?

    If you are using one of our bikes, we have set up the pedals with the SPD pedals.  Or else you can always use a pair of normal training shoes.  

  • I want to come before or after work, are there showers?

    Yes indeed.  The Strive Cave is part of the Strive Fitness Gym, and as a Member of The Strive Cave, you have access to the gym amenities such as showers and towels just a short 100m walk across the Cyberport shopping mall.

  • How do I become a Member?

    From December until January, The Strive Cave is in beta showcase mode, so all training at The Cave is free! In February, we will offer a variety of Membership options with special Membership rates for our initial showcase riders.  

  • I have feedback for you on the space and concept, how can I share it?

    We would LOVE to hear from you.  The whole point of this training center is to create a space for cyclist that you love and use.  Please find any of our Strive Cave team members and have a coffee and a chat with us.  Or else email James on cave@strivefitnesshk.com

Group Rides

Join Our Group Rides!

Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 12 - 1PM and 6 - 7PM

Family Rides - Mon - Fri at 4 - 5PM

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