Youth Athletic Training

Youth Athletic Training

Our Youth Athletics programmes cater to children from 6-12 years old and 13-18 years old to develop a life-long and healthy passion for sports and fitness. 

For our younger age groupers, our program is designed to get children active and develop a long term interest in health and fitness.  Over the hour long session we use a variety of fun games and activities to enhance speed, agility, balance, coordination and gross motor skills.   Through games and team activities, the children build confidence, leadership skills, and most importantly, have fun. 

For our older age groupers, our programmed is designed to introduce them to strength and conditioning training to enhance athletic performance.  The work they do in the gym with us directly translates to results in their favorite sports. Whether they wish to improve their game or simply wish to get stronger and fitter, whilst minimizing the risk of injury, this is an excellent program for them.

Youth Athletic Pricing

Single Class Drop In$250
10 Sessions Flexi Pass $2.000 /4 months

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