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Basketball Academy

Monday - Friday 5 pm

First of its kind in Hong Kong

Strive Basketball Academy houses under one roof: 

  • In-house, private basketball training facility 

  • Athletic performance center 

  • Fitness center 

These high-quality facilities with state-of-the-art equipment and professional coaching provide athletes with everything they need in order to become the best player they can possibly be.

Coaching Curriculum

Our coaching curriculum takes a long-term athletic development approach to each athlete to: 

  • Avoid burnouts

  • Continue to be challenged at the appropriate time in their journey

  • Enjoy the game of basketball for as long as possible


Foundational Basketball Development

Ages: 6 -11

Our Foundational youth basketball course is the perfect starting point for any young basketball player looking to learn the fundamentals of the game through fun. Our long term athletic development model enables us to take the player through the correct development steps to create good habits and skills that will allow them to play at the next level.

Fundamental Basketball Development

Ages: 12 - 16

Our fundamentals basketball curriculum will take the skills players have learned during the foundational phase and develop them. We add more elements of competition and drills that they encounter in a real-life game of basketball. Our goal is to upgrade their understanding and familiarity of the game, so when they compete for their school or club, they are well prepared to perform at their highest level.