At Strive, we are changing the way fitness is done.

At Strive, our mission is to upgrade lives.  We are one of Hong Kong’s most trusted performance facilities for professional athletes, and a caring community gym for residents and business executive in the surrounding area. We design and deliver unique fitness and nutrition programmes that help people achieve higher levels of success.

Our team of coaches are passionate about our mission and are continually educating themselves in order to provide you with the tools you need to perform at your highest level and see desired results.  

Come and find out how we dedicate ourselves to helping you maximize your performance, decrease injury potential, stay motivated and help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

The Team

Enrica Shiu

Performance Coach

Many years of experience in large group class coaching.

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Sze Wa Lau

Performance Coach

Great coach and great athlete.

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Stan Chan

Performance Coach and Continuing Education

He started as a member at Strive. Now he is helping you achieve your goals.

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Ryan Whelan

Senior Trainer

One of the Senior Trainers at Strive Fitness, Coach Ryan oversees all Youth Athletic Training and Programming.  Coach Ryan also heads up all Corporate Team Building Events and Activities and provides energetic personal training to a committed group of clients. 

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William Lo

Founder and Head Trainer

Founder and Director of Strive Fitness, Coach Will oversees all athletic programming at Strive to ensure results are delivered, and that clients are motivated, challenged and working out safely to push beyond their comfort zones.

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Tanja Ocenasek, Mum of 2 of the highlights of my day

Training at Strive is one of the highlights of my day. It gets me out of the house and away from my kids for an hour, and it allows me to focus on me during that time. I find that when I leave, I am on a happy high after the rush of endorphins, and I love the energy and enthusiasm of the coaches as well as the social aspect. A big thank you to the team at Strive Fitness for motivating me during my 2nd pregnancy and helping me get back in shape afterwards.

Tanja Ocenasek, Mum of 2

Alex Ho and son, Axel
It's the best part of my week!

Training at Strive with my son is the best part of my week. We train together so I can supportive of his goals and dreams to play soccer professionally. He loves training with Coach Will and the team at Strive, and I do too.

Alex Ho and son, Axel

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