Large Group Training

When you first join a gym you may be unsure of what to do. Some people struggle to determine which exercises to do, and others simply don't know how to do them. Whether you're a beginner or just don't have much fitness knowledge, group classes may be your solution. Joining a group class can help build a foundation and structure that you can use to fuel your personal health journey for years to come. The benefits of group training are numerous and include:


Without a doubt, it's inspiring and motivating to be surrounded by dedicated, like-minded people. It doesn't get much more empowering than a class with an encouraging coach and supportive people all working hard together. 


Group fitness is a great way to get a workout in without having to think or plan. We structure all our classes with a warm up to get your heart rate up and to loosen your joints and muscles before the workout begins. We then split the weekly workouts into 2 formats: Total Body* and Metabolic* (descriptions of each workout are below). The class finishes with a cool down to help lower your heart rate and stretch the major muscle groups. 


Each of our large group classes is supervised by a trainer who will demonstrate the correct way to perform each exercise and make sure you execute it with proper form. It's important that your technique is correct so that you get the most our of every exercise and prevent any injuries. The coach is also there to provide alternative exercises if you are unable to complete the movement correctly. 


The programmes we design are unique and change frequently. Our strength workouts change every 3 weeks - long enough for you to progress with each exercise without getting bored; and our Metabolic workouts change each session. We use strongman equipment including tires, battle ropes, sleds and atlas balls, to keep it interesting and challenging!


Signing up in advance for a class or arranging to meet a friend is a great way to keep yourself accountable for your workouts. If you've signed up and it's on your schedule there's a good chance you won't skip it! 


Group fitness classes are fun! We play great music, provide a great workout and our members motivate each other. It's a really fun way to exercise. Come along and make some friends! 




3 days a week we have strength training sessions where we train the whole body - upper, lower and core. The programme remains unchanged for a 3 week period to encourage you to track your progress and improve your strength. Each Total Body class finishes with a cardio blast. Resistance training is the most effective way to burn fat, increase muscle mass, improve body composition, increase bone density and strengthen your joints and muscles.


3 days a week we have a metabolic workout with a new programme for each day. The circuit may be against the clock or task based for reps, but each class is challenging, highly motivational, and a lot of fun! 


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