Fit Bump / BYOB

We now offer strength training for mums to be who want to continue their training but require extra care and attention by an expert trainer who understands how different stages of pregnancy can affect how you perform certain movements.

Taking into account your previous experience with strength training, which trimester/stage of pregnancy you are at, any issues with morning sickness, plus any advice you have been given about exercise from your obstetrician, we can work closely with you to provide a safe, yet effective strength training programme. 

It's also a great way to meet other women who are expecting babies around the same time as you! 

And as soon as you're ready to return to training after your baby is born, we have BYOB - Bring Your Own Baby! Because we know that it's sometimes hard to get out and about if you don't have someone to care for your baby, just bring your baby to Strive! We've scheduled the class at lunchtime, knowing that most young babies nap then, but if your baby doesn't want to settle, you're in good company! You'll get a lot of sympathy from your trainer and the other mums who will do what they can to help you relax and enjoy the session, even if your baby doesn't want you to! 

Fit Bump and BYOB has the same pricing schedule as the Large Group Classes so that when you feel ready, you can transition straight over. 

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