Body Transformation

Are you looking for a total body transformation? We can help!  Our trainers are not only experience in sports and exercise science, but have certifications in nutrition and fat loss as well. We have worked with numerous clients to improve their body composition over a 12 week period with incredible results! 

With our Body Transformation package you will work closely with your preferred trainer who will put you through your paces 4 times a week. Your package also includes unlimited access to any of our large group classes so that as you progress you can add extra cardio sessions to your strength training.

You will receive 3 emails per week over the course of the 12 week programme, educating you on how to eat, how to train and general lifestyle improvements. We will also monitor your food journal on a daily basis to make sure you are taking everything on board and you stay on track to achieve the results you wish for. 

Your body composition will be assessed using a Dexa Scan which provides a detailed breakdown of you body's fat and muscle mass as well as bone density. The price is included in your total package.

Our B3 month Body Transformation Package includes:

  • Dexa Scan Body Composition analysis at the start and end of the plan
  • 4 strength training sessions per week with a trainer 
  • unlimited access to all large group classes
  • 3 educational and motivational emails per week 
  • meal plans and nutritional advice 
  • progress photos at the end of each month with before/after layout comparison
  • daily support from your trainer and other clients on the programme

For further information about our Body Transformation Package, please email us at